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The Unexpected Benefits of Doing Dishes

A friend of mine shared that her dishwasher had broken down, and it would be some time before a new one could be bought. She sighed over the thought of one more thing to do in her already busy schedule, … Continue reading

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Couponing for the Rest of Us

Extreme couponing? Not for me. When it comes to grocery shopping, most of our foods are from the produce section, and I’ve never seen a coupon for 2 for 1 celery stalks. (Oh, to see the day!) I do, however, … Continue reading

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A Fall Cleaning Comeback

I’ve been on a break for quite a while, but fall has a way of rejuvenating me. Practical Light Living will be back on its regular schedule beginning next Friday, October 5th. In the meantime, as I clean out my … Continue reading

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You’ve Got Mail – A Frugal Christmas Fundraiser

The Christmas season is officially here, and charitable groups are seeking donations. While there are many worthwhile causes we may want to support, eventually we reach our budget’s limit. If you are trying to raise funds for a cause, this … Continue reading

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A Modern Work Frolic – The Christmas Card Party

A few years back, I noticed that every ladies gathering I attended involved a sales pitch, a gift purchase, or an expensive meal. Although I loved visiting with my female friends, I wanted to find a better way to get … Continue reading

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On Second Thought – New Uses for Common Household Items

I’m a bit of a rebel. Maybe you are, too? When everything we see tells us to buy, buy, BUY, we can take impish delight in creatively using what we already have. Below are some tips for using common household … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Tools – Treasuring Our Inheritance

Part of the reason we choose to live practically and light is to free us from the burden of things and release us to the richness of relationships. Years ago when my grandmother passed away, I inherited many beautiful things … Continue reading

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