What is Practical Light Living? It’s about independence. It’s about having what you need and being able to help others. It’s about knowing, respecting, and arranging your life around the values that are important to you. It’s about setting aside what others say you should have or do and pursuing the unique purposes that only you can fulfill.

Topics Discussed Here:

    • Getting Organized
    • Developing a Simple, Practical Home
    • Creating Space for Creativity and Renewal
    • Living with Purpose

About the Author:  Cynthia Owens uses her experience as a technical trainer to encourage her readers in simple, concrete ways. She is the owner of Go with Vision, a company that helps people achieve their goals through practical organizing and effective habits. GWV offers custom computer classes, event management, project outsourcing, and individual consulting. (www.GoWithVision.com)

Cynthia has had articles featured in Reach Out Columbia magazine, Love Is a Verb Devotions (Bethany House) and Fighting Fear (Lighthouse Publishing).


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  1. Cynthia,
    Thanks again for sharing your expertise with us on Saturday. I gained some very helpful information from all of you.

    The mock conference was a wonderful closure idea. In fact, one chapter in my book will be a mock encounter. You were very professional in handling the topic of dress. Some that I have worked with, were not so sensitive to the audience in sharing this kind of info.

    I decided to look at some of your blogs. As I mentioned, I am working to make mine a less homey and crafty, to more professional while maintaining a comfortable, readable, and personal site. I like your writing. I will be following you. May God bless you.

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