You’ve Got Mail – A Frugal Christmas Fundraiser

The Christmas season is officially here, and charitable groups are seeking donations. While there are many worthwhile causes we may want to support, eventually we reach our budget’s limit. If you are trying to raise funds for a cause, this can be a frustrating obstacle. But what if there was a way to help people donate to a charity, get something they truly need, and not spend a penny more than they have already budgeted for their Christmas festivities?

If you’re involved with a church teen or kids group, here is a frugal holiday fundraiser that will do exactly that—raise money for your group and not increase your donors’ holiday spending.

The Christmas Post Office  – Church youth and kids groups can raise money by creating a post office for Christmas cards. Donors bring their Christmas cards for other church members to the kids’ “post office.” The kids collect the cards and then distribute them to the church members. Whatever postage would be paid for the letters is donated to the kids’ post office.

To keep things simple, cards can be sorted alphabetically in a portable hanging file box. In a small church, the kids can easily find the members. (This is also a great way for the youth and adults to get to know each other.) In a large church, a whiteboard or chalkboard can be hung with the names of members who have mail to collect at the “post office.”

To get the most benefit, make sure the kids are actively involved. Don’t simply have the adults do all the work. Kids have great ideas and enthusiasm and will appreciate the money more if they have a hand in raising it.

Do you have ideas for a frugal fundraiser, one that raises money for your group and gives the donors a true benefit? We’d love to hear your ideas and comments below.

Practical Tip of the Day: It’s easy for kids to ask for money, but their projects will mean more if they learn how to earn it.

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3 Responses to You’ve Got Mail – A Frugal Christmas Fundraiser

  1. someofone says:

    I just read the It’s My Money post! It’s great!

  2. I remember this being done by the youth at church when my daughter was a teen. In a new town new church, (daughter and grandkids are in another state) I’ve been wanting to do something like this. It is so much easier than trying to locate your card recipients yourself, and also avoids any hurt feelings if one person gets a card and another doesn’t! So, basically I’m saying I’ve talked to the youth Pastor at our church, and I’m planning on putting a post office together! Hopefully it all goes well and we can open for business the first Sunday in December!

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