The Gifts of Shopping

How would you like to keep in touch with family and friends better, enjoy holidays and birthdays more, and save some money along the way? You can do it. Just try shopping for your Christmas and birthday gifts all year long. That’s going to accomplish those wonderful things? It can, and here’s why:

Keeping in Touch with Family & Friends – Being on the watch for gifts all year round makes us more mindful of our family and friends. If we see a gift for someone, we may immediately know its perfect, but other times we’ll realize we aren’t sure because we haven’t seen or talked to that person in a while. This prompts us to reconnect with our friend. Even if we choose not to buy the gift, we’ve given them a present of our time and attention.

Enjoying Holidays & Special Occasions More – When we leave shopping to the last minute we suffer unnecessary stress. I used to attend far too many birthday and holiday parties frazzled because just a short time earlier I was rushing to buy something for the gathering.  That kind of shopping was no fun.  But, when we have gifts ready and waiting for us, we can arrive at gatherings excited to spend time with our loved ones, open to what they are sharing, and able to share ourselves in return.

Saving Time  – When we shop for gifts regularly, we greatly reduce our trips to the store. Instead of driving around town looking for a present, we can do this shopping in the course of our everyday errands. Then, when the date for that special occasion arrives, the only trip we have to make is down the hall to our closet.  Suddenly our time saver has become a gas saver, which leads us to…

Saving Money – Of course, shopping all year around can help us find some great deals. A sale in late summer may yield a perfect gift for someone with a November birthday. There are other benefits, too. My husband and I save money by looking for gifts whenever we are on trips. We search for items unique to that area. This opens our possibilities to presents that would be too expensive in our hometown or not available at all. As an added bonus, this practice keeps our overall household spending lower. We know we are going to purchase a gift sometime, but by getting it on a trip, we enjoy the thrill of shopping without buying frivolous things for ourselves just because we are on vacation.

So, even if your next special occasion is months away, try looking for gifts the next time you’re at a store. You never know what you’ll see or which loved one will come to mind.

Simplicity Tip of the Day: Consider redefining multi-tasking as doing one thing well and gaining multiple benefits.

How do you reduce stress at the holidays? We’d love to hear your tips.

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3 Responses to The Gifts of Shopping

  1. Cathy Baker says:

    Nothing saps the joy out of the holidays than having to frazzle-shop. I actually try to knock out the majority of all my shopping in one or two trips the first week in November. For birthday gifts, however, I try to purchase those throughout the year — and then fight the temptation to give it to them right away. 🙂 Thanks for the great tips, CC!

  2. Sylvia Cary says:

    Really enjoy your hints and tips!

  3. shoes says:

    Great suggestions! This is the first year I have shopped for Christmas gifts throughout the year instead of waiting until the last month or so and I feel wonderful about it. To save money my husband and I don’t exchange big gifts but keep it simple and small – stocking stuffers only. They are fun to give and get. 🙂

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