No Furniture, No House Cleaning, No Problem

How would our lives change if our homes had no furniture, curtains, pots and pans, or even dishes to do? Sounds strange, I know, but a friend of mine once told me she’d spent several weeks living in exactly those conditions.

She and her family had moved to a new town but all their worldly possessions would not arrive until three weeks later. During this time, they had clothes and a few basics, but nothing else. To her surprise, instead of missing all those “comforts of home,” she found herself strangely free.

When her girls came home from school, they had snacks on paper plates and went to the park. In the evenings the family played games and read stories after dinner. Her household chores were minimal. What was there to clean? And no one went to his or her separate rooms after dinner—there was nothing in them. All the excuses that used to be given for spending time apart simply didn’t apply.

Eventually, the moving truck arrived and life settled into the normal routine, but that short freedom from the encumbrance of things stayed on her mind. Chores were sometimes simplified, kids were encouraged to bring their activities into the family room, and work was occasionally left behind to make time for dates at the park.

It’s been said we use only 20% of what we have in our homes. What would you be free to do if housekeeping was suddenly radically simple?

Simplicity Tip of the Day: To paraphrase William Morris, have nothing in your home that you do not actively use or thoroughly enjoy.

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