Car Maintenance and the Chalkboard Organizer

We get one every month – a letter in the mail reminding us it’s time to do maintenance on one of our cars. Really? So soon? I step into the garage and look at our chalkboard. Nope, that car has another 4,500 miles until its next needed service. I throw the flyer into the recycle bin. Nice try.

Several years ago we hung a small chalkboard in our garage to track basic maintenance on our cars. It’s saved us a lot of time and worry. If you’ve never used a chalkboard to help you get organized, consider these uses:

In the Garage –

  • Hang a chalkboard by your door to track car maintenance. Note the date and mileage for your last oil change and tire rotation. You can also note the mileage and target date of your next major service check. Keeping this in the garage will allow you to be reminded of any upcoming needs each evening as you leave your car and head into the house.
  • Place a chalkboard next to your freezer. List all the items you have on your chalkboard and mark them off as you use them. I like listing an item and putting hash marks after the name to note the number of packs. As I use a pack, I erase one mark. When I’m low on an item, I circle it to remind me to put it on my shopping list.

In Your Garden/Tool Shed –

  • Keep track of planting dates for your garden, times to fertilize your plants, any supplies that are running low, what tools need to be sharpened, etc.

Benefits of a Chalkboard Organizer

They do well in the heat.
They are environmentally friendly. (No chemical markers or paper to use.)
They are a great visual reminder.
They are very inexpensive.

Simplicity Tip of the Day: Remembering things like car maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore. Know what you need to track. Then place a simple visual reminder where it makes the most sense.

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3 Responses to Car Maintenance and the Chalkboard Organizer

  1. I never realized a chalkboard could be so user friendly. My freezer is going to get a new best friend…a chalkboard of it’s own.
    Thanks for another useable tip.

    Organize on.

  2. I never thought about that Cynthia. What a great use for a chalkboard–they’re not just for school anymore!

  3. C.C. Owens says:

    I love taking common household items and repurposing them as organizing tools. Besides, who doesn’t like doodling in the corners of an old chalkboard? Let me know how these work for you!

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