A Secret Weapon for Getting Organized

They’re functional, multi-purpose, easy to use, and found just about everywhere. What organizational master tool am I referencing? A notebook.

Growing up, I was a geek. So, my love for all things school-related may have influenced my organizational style. However, if you have not experienced the powerful ability of notebooks to tame your clutter, allow me to introduce you to notebooks outside the school zone…

In Kitchens, consider notebooks for

  • Recipes – Recipes that are printed or torn from magazine pages can become wadded up and unreadable when stuffed in a recipe box. Put them in a notebook instead.
  • Recipes to Try – I collect new recipes and sort them into tabs: soup, main meal, desserts, appetizers, etc. When I want to try something new, I flip to the section to see my options. By the way, this can make a great gift. My sister saw my notebook and wanted one, too.
  • Appliance Manuals – Regular sized and mini notebooks are useful to tame those small manuals that seem to fall off shelves or get stuck behind cookbooks.
  • Health Articles – If your family has special dietary needs or health considerations, keep that information together in a notebook for easy reference.

In Dens, try notebooks for

  • Vacations – I don’t mean for the trips you’ve taken. (That’s an entirely different post.) This is for vacations you want to take. When you’re looking through a magazine or hear about a neat place on TV, put it in your Vacation book. Mine has tabs for day trips, weekend excursions, and 7-day-or-more trips.
  • Home Decorating – A notebook for Home Dec is great to collect ideas. Tabs can be created for each room. It’s also useful to keep existing information about your rooms. A page showing your current paint color’s name,  number, and store where purchased can be invaluable.

Simplicity Tip of the Day: Getting organized doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Simple tools used creatively, like a well-planned notebook, can tame a mountain of clutter.

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6 Responses to A Secret Weapon for Getting Organized

  1. Cathy Baker says:

    I LOVE this idea — mainly because I LOVE notebooks for the many reasons you mentioned in your post. I also find my stress level lowers when I’m able to put my thoughts/ideas in writing or in a pocket — somewhere other than my mind. Now, can your next post tell me how to organize all my notebooks? 🙂

  2. We do the same thing with our recipes. We even have 2 separate notebooks–one for meals, salads, etc., and a separate for baking–divided into cookies, pies, cakes, etc. It works well for us, especially when it comes to recipes from a magazine or one someone’s given us on a small piece of paper.

    I looked around my desk. I’m perpetually stressed by its clutter. I found a few stacks that should be in a notebook–thanks for the tip!

  3. You suggestion for creating a notebook for appliances is great. It will free up one whole drawer that I’ve just dropped the information packs without any organization. Thank you for sharing.

    Continue leading in organizing for I’m following and being blessed by applying your suggestions.
    Write on!

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  5. Judi Bruns says:

    On manuals and warranties, I use sheet protector pages. I staple the receipt to the cover of the paperwork, put all pertinant paperwork together and then file them alphabetically. With my husband into home improvements, we have a lot of tools. This way when something fails, I can readily give him the paperwork to start on warranty issues.

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