Pass Along the Smile

Re-Gifting Stories: Part 2 of 3

Smitten: A Kitten’s Guide to Happiness by Rachael Hale is an adorable book. My husband and I received it at Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed the sweet pictures and cat-titude philosophy described.

Now it’s June, and I have a friend who is going through a tough time. I can’t change her situation, but I know how to brighten her day. I’ll send her Smitten and give her the chance to make someone else smile, too.

In the book I pasted a note and a “travel log.” The note states:

This is a Pass-Along Book. You are welcome to keep it as long as you like. When you have enjoyed it, feel free to “pass it along” to someone else who will appreciate its message. PS – Don’t forget to sign the travel log!

Click Pass Along Book to print your own pass-along notes and travel logs.

Simplicity Tip of the Day: When you receive a charming gift, enjoy it for as long as you like. Then, instead of feeling guilty when you pass it along, honor the original giver, and wish the new recipient as much pleasure as you have had.

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3 Responses to Pass Along the Smile

  1. What a great idea, Cynthia! I’m going to adopt this practice!

  2. Cathy Baker says:

    I LOVE this idea! It benefits everyone involved. Thanks for sharing your unique (and very helpful) perspective, CC!

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