Brownie Benevolence

Re-Gifting Stories: Part 1 of 3

My brother’s family and I were sitting on their front porch remembering the delightful experiment of caramel-centered brownies his wife had made the night before. (Mmmm caramel brownies. I’m drooling just thinking about them.) Anyway, my niece mentioned she had seen a new style of brownie pan with an insert that made the brownies into perfectly even rectangles.

I knew this pan. In fact, I had one still in the box. It had been a gift from a well-meaning relative who knows I love to cook but forgot my husband and I are trying to eat healthier at home.

“Would you like one?” I asked.

“Absolutely!” she said.

Simplicity Tip of the Day: Re-gifting gets a bad rap. Never feel guilty about giving someone an item they truly want.

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One Response to Brownie Benevolence

  1. I agree totally, especially when it’s something you know they would love! Thanks for the permission. 🙂

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