The Can’t Find It Lament

(To be sung to the tune of “Do Your Ears Hang Low?”)

Did I throw it in a drawer?
Is it where I looked before?
Did I put it on a shelf?
Was it stolen by an elf?
Did I hang it on a rod?
Was it tossed out with the cod?
Where did I hide my stuff?

It’s a common problem when people are getting organized. Company comes, and we scramble to make rooms neat. Things that don’t have permanent homes get put in any available spot, a.k.a. those mysterious hiding places we never find again.

So, how can we keep from losing important items? One way is to have a “clutter collector.”

For each room you want to neaten, designate a box or other container to collect all the clutter for that room. Put the box in that room’s closet, or select a room where you will put all your boxes and close the door. After your company leaves, you’ll know exactly where you moved your items, and you may be in a better position to find permanent homes for these pieces.

Simplicity Tip for the Day: Never try to organize in a hurry. Designate a clutter spot, then focus on your priority.

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6 Responses to The Can’t Find It Lament

  1. Great idea Cynthia. I never thought of that before.

    And I love the song. I went through it in my head and just laughed before I read today’s tip 🙂 .

  2. Did you start this blog just for me, Cynthia? Thanks for the help!

  3. So simple, so practical and so marvelous!
    Thanks for the tip for quick cleaning without lossing things when company comes and the room(s) need decluttering.
    I’m picking up clutter boxes this weekend and creating clutter box corners for them in each closet this weekend.
    Teach on, Cynthia.

  4. Beth Fortune says:

    What a great idea Cynthia. I am the world’s worst about hiding things before company comes. I’m especially bad about hiding things during the holidays and then can’t find them afterwards. I will definitely be getting some clutter boxes out to be used. And when I use them, I can hum this song too:)

    Thanks for the great tip!

  5. C.C. Owens says:

    I frequently have a project or two in progress when company comes. Clutter boxes make it easy for me clean up and put back out when needed. It saves me a lot of “where did I put that” stress.

  6. Tina Parker says:

    I resemble this blog. I am still looking for stuff I stashed when we had the carpets cleaned a year ago. Thanks, I am learning a lot!

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