When Vases Speak

When my friends find something pretty at a store and bring it home, they often say, “It spoke to me. I just had to have it.” Beautiful things speak to me as well, but I think we have different conversations.

The other day, I found a lovely vase. It was a delicate green and white, inexpensive, and ever so cute. It called to me, but then it started asking the strangest questions.

Where will you put me?
Will I fit on the shelf overflowing with Grandma’s prize carnival glass?
Will I commune with the dining room knickknacks you struggle to dust?
Will I sit with the bargains crowded in the closet because you don’t know where to use them?

I listened to the vase, enjoyed its beauty, and put it back. If I see a place for it at home, I might return to the store, but more than likely I’ll see something else that’s lovely. Then, I’ll have to see if it also speaks to me.

Simplicity Tip for the Day: Enjoy beautiful things but don’t let them become a burden. Don’t buy anything until you know you have the space for it.

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4 Responses to When Vases Speak

  1. Cathy Baker says:

    Great post. I obviously need to start listening to my “finds” although I doubt they’ll ask the same questions as your vase. Hmm… maybe that’s why I so desperately need your site! Thanks for sharing….

  2. Your advice will save me both time and money, Cynthia.

    I hate returning items so I just put the loud mouth items I buy on my gift-giving shelf. When I do open the cabinet, I have a choir shouting out to me to share them with others.

    However; in today’s economy, I’m going to start living by your advice and ask myself your three questions before picking up the lovely communicator. Thanks for the friendly advice.
    Save on!

  3. Beth says:

    Oh, what a great start . . . I need to listen as I shop more often.

    Great advice and thoughts, especially for someone who loves TJ Maxx!!!!!

    Thanks Cynthia!

  4. Great post Cynthia. I love the concept of vases (or anything else we want) speaking to us.

    De-cluttering is something I’m pretty bad at. I’ll have to read your blog to get more helpful tips.

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